Results from the Pecan Grove POA Survey Request

At two separate Pecan Grove POA meetings in July 2019, the citizen-led POA boards asked the Commissioner’s office to conduct a public survey of Pecan Grove community residents regarding the traffic situation on Plantation Drive. The survey illustrated potentially feasible solutions, and asked the Pecan Grove community to decide if they support or oppose any potential changes.

The results of the survey include 775 responses with 710 completed surveys. While there were additional survey responses received from as far away as San Antonio and Missouri, only responses with verified addresses in the Pecan Grove community are included in this data.

As you will see below, there is no consensus for action vs. inaction. Out of the 710 completed responses 339 responses did not support any of the options, and 371 responses were in favor of one or more of the potential options. Therefore we found no consensus indicated in the data returned from the survey which means there will be no changes or other solutions made via Fort Bend County and the Precinct 3 Commissioner’s office.

To address the repeated community concerns about traffic and speed/safety enforcement - Commissioner Meyers has requested specific help via the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office and Precinct 3 Constable’s Office for continued enforcement of traffic laws in and around the Pecan Grove community.

The results are available for PDF download using this link.