Community Meetings

March 16, 2019 Jones Creek Watershed Meeting

Between 120-140 people participated in the Jones Creek community meeting requested by residents of the Jones Creek watershed to discuss flood mitigation projects and the funding sources to fulfill a local match for the potential receipt of federal funding from a TDEM hazard mitigation application. The meeting was held at 10:00am at the Precinct 3 Justice of the Peace courtroom at the County North Annex.

A short presentation was made to discuss the process of the TDEM application, the powers of a proposed special district, the powers of the federal, state, and local governments to assist in flood mitigation, and the potential impact of ATLAS 14 changes upon development, flood mitigation, and the flood plain maps. That presentation is available in PDF format online via at this link.

During the meeting, the residents asked dozens of questions that chiefly focused on the subject matter of a proposed flood control district in the Jones Creek Watershed, and the legislative bill that has been filed by Dr. Zerwas that would give voters the option to create such a district. That bill has been filed, but has not been referred to a committee or moved forward in the legislative process and Dr. Zerwas indicated that he would not do so without clear consensus from the community. The link to HB 4011 via Texas Legislature Online can be found here.

The majority of comments and questions from residents in attendance were against the creation of such a district. Copies of a large stack of signed petitions against HB 4011 were delivered to Dr. Zerwas, and multiple residents in attendance have asked for more time to collect more petitions and all the elected officials agreed to honor those requests to allow a few more days for that process.

Several residents requested an online form to register their support or opposition. That form is available via at this link.

Multiple comments and questions were asked in regards to receiving a full list of available opportunities for public interaction and information regarding HB 4011 and other flood control discussions. Over 70 residents in attendance filled out information cards with their contact information and email addresses. The office of Commissioner Precinct 1 and Commissioner Precinct 3 promised to share the full list of those names. A full list of contact numbers was printed out and provided for meeting attendees and a full list of social media accounts for the Precinct 3 office follows at the end of this update. Additionally, Commissioner Meyers shared his personal cell phone number with meeting attendees.

Elected officials and county representatives in attendance included: State Representative Dr. John Zerwas, Commissioner Precinct 3 Andy Meyers, Commissioner Precinct 1 Chief of Staff Robert Quarles, County Attorney Roy Cordes, FBCOEM director Mark Flathouse, Drainage District Chief Engineer Mark Vogler, FBC Engineering First Assistant Rick Staigle, and other staff members from these respective offices.

Precinct 1 Commissioner Office - 281-344-9400 | Twitter | Facebook |

Precinct 3 Commissioner Office - 281-238-1400 | Twitter | Facebook |

State Representative John Zerwas - (512) 463-0657 or (888) 827-1560 | Twitter | Facebook |

Simonton Community Church Meeting on Bessie's Creek Flood Mitigation

On Saturday morning, a standing room only crowd met at 10am at the Simonton Community Church for a community meeting regarding flood mitigation and potential solutions and sources of funding for the Bessie's Creek watershed.

Commissioner Meyers and staff were joined by State Representative Dr. John Zerwas, as well as County Attorney Roy Cordes, Fort Bend County Drainage District Chief Engineer Mark Vogler, Fort Bend County Assistant Engineer Rick Staigle, and Scott Wieghat from Fort Bend County Road & Bridge, as well as several mayors and city council members from the watershed.

During the meeting, a short visual presentation was made to attendees and that presentation is available here in PDF format for download.

Video of the meeting was recorded and placed online on Facebook at the "Fulshear Forum" community page. Many attendees submitted written questions that were not answered in the meeting. Those questions from residents which were not answered because of the time will be answered by individual contacts by phone or email or office visits to answer all the submissions.

For any questions or to follow up on topics from the community meeting - please contact the Precinct 3 office at 281-238-1400.

Precinct 3 HOA Meeting Recap

On Wednesday afternoon, Commissioner Meyers was joined by community representatives from around Precinct 3 to participate in his regular HOA meeting, today held at Hasta La Pasta in Katy.

Joining the meeting today was State Senator Lois Kolkhorst, who gave a series of updates regarding legislation passed in the 85th Texas Legislative Session (and subsequent special session). Senator Kolkhorst also spoke about the extremity of the challenges and recovery efforts that are happening throughout her 21 county senatorial district as a result of Hurricane Harvey. The Senator was kind enough to stay for the whole meeting and took one-on-one questions afterward, and we are very grateful for her attendance and participation today.

Commissioner Meyers and his staff presented a number of updates to the HOA representatives regarding mobility and drainage issues throughout the region, as well as some updates via TxDOT on ongoing and future road improvement and construction projects in Precinct 3.

Our thanks and appreciation to all of our outstanding HOA groups and representatives for continuing to work hard for the quality of our communities - we appreciate your participation today!