2019 Facilities Bond Citizens Feedback Meetings

On Wednesday, June 19, 2019, the Fort Bend County Commissioners Court met at a special workshop to discuss a proposed list of projects for a 2019 Bond Referendum.

The draft list of projects contains 17 line items ranging in cost from $1 million to $100 million. Precinct 3 has not submitted any projects for the proposed facilities bond issue.

Precinct 3 Commissioner Andy Meyers has announced that he will begin a series of public events for residents to voice their feedback and opinions on the proposed Facilities Bond. The first event will be held on Thursday, June 27th at the Cinco Ranch Branch Library in Katy.

There is more information and an online feedback survey form available for residents at -

March 16, 2019 Jones Creek Watershed Meeting

Between 120-140 people participated in the Jones Creek community meeting requested by residents of the Jones Creek watershed to discuss flood mitigation projects and the funding sources to fulfill a local match for the potential receipt of federal funding from a TDEM hazard mitigation application. The meeting was held at 10:00am at the Precinct 3 Justice of the Peace courtroom at the County North Annex.

A short presentation was made to discuss the process of the TDEM application, the powers of a proposed special district, the powers of the federal, state, and local governments to assist in flood mitigation, and the potential impact of ATLAS 14 changes upon development, flood mitigation, and the flood plain maps. That presentation is available in PDF format online via at this link.

During the meeting, the residents asked dozens of questions that chiefly focused on the subject matter of a proposed flood control district in the Jones Creek Watershed, and the legislative bill that has been filed by Dr. Zerwas that would give voters the option to create such a district. That bill has been filed, but has not been referred to a committee or moved forward in the legislative process and Dr. Zerwas indicated that he would not do so without clear consensus from the community. The link to HB 4011 via Texas Legislature Online can be found here.

The majority of comments and questions from residents in attendance were against the creation of such a district. Copies of a large stack of signed petitions against HB 4011 were delivered to Dr. Zerwas, and multiple residents in attendance have asked for more time to collect more petitions and all the elected officials agreed to honor those requests to allow a few more days for that process.

Several residents requested an online form to register their support or opposition. That form is available via at this link.

Multiple comments and questions were asked in regards to receiving a full list of available opportunities for public interaction and information regarding HB 4011 and other flood control discussions. Over 70 residents in attendance filled out information cards with their contact information and email addresses. The office of Commissioner Precinct 1 and Commissioner Precinct 3 promised to share the full list of those names. A full list of contact numbers was printed out and provided for meeting attendees and a full list of social media accounts for the Precinct 3 office follows at the end of this update. Additionally, Commissioner Meyers shared his personal cell phone number with meeting attendees.

Elected officials and county representatives in attendance included: State Representative Dr. John Zerwas, Commissioner Precinct 3 Andy Meyers, Commissioner Precinct 1 Chief of Staff Robert Quarles, County Attorney Roy Cordes, FBCOEM director Mark Flathouse, Drainage District Chief Engineer Mark Vogler, FBC Engineering First Assistant Rick Staigle, and other staff members from these respective offices.

Precinct 1 Commissioner Office - 281-344-9400 | Twitter | Facebook |

Precinct 3 Commissioner Office - 281-238-1400 | Twitter | Facebook |

State Representative John Zerwas - (512) 463-0657 or (888) 827-1560 | Twitter | Facebook |

FBC Commissioners Court Authorizes Study for a Barker Reservoir Levee

This afternoon, Fort Bend Commissioners Court voted unanimously to authorize our County Engineer to retain AECOM Technical Services, Inc. to conduct a high level study evaluating the feasibility and potential cost of enclosing the back side of the Barker Reservoir with a levee system.

As I stated today in court, I wish to thank County Judge Bob Hebert for his leadership in pursuing this agreement with AECOM. I support this study for several reasons but none greater than this - never again, should our citizens and property owners have to solely rely on the federal government and US Army Corps of Engineers for protection from the Barker Reservoir.

As Texans, God blessed us to live in a state where private property is the foundation of our laws and our way of life. It is my intent to determine through this study, how our property owners can be walled off and protected from the US Army Corps of Engineers and their operations in the Barker Reservoir.

There are 20 levee systems that guard thousands of lives and many billions of dollars in private property and infrastructure in Fort Bend County. Three years of record floods have proved those levees' worth many times over as they guarded our citizens from the floodwaters of the Brazos River and its tributaries. In this AECOM study, we will ask world-class engineers to perform the analysis and calculations of what can feasibly be done with a levee along the Barker Reservoir to protect private property from the operations of the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Countless homeowners, flooding experts, and drainage district directors have approached me and other elected officials in recent months and asked the County to examine a lot of different options for flood mitigation. A number of these plans would be extremely helpful to us and I fully support the third reservoir in Cypress Creek, lowering the flood pool in the Barker and Addicks reservoirs, and the need for increased downstream conveyance along Buffalo Bayou. But the costs and the required time to construct these projects are high. And frankly, as a conservative Texan, I'm losing sleep at the idea of solely trusting the federal government to fully fix the messes they've made with the reservoirs. The people I do trust are the ones I stand beside right here in our community.

So when I'm asked how we can approach the Corps and the men who control the Barker Reservoir, to ask them for operational changes, more communication, and for ways they can protect us - I say that Katy homeowners can turn that premise on its head. Through this study, we want to examine what our community can do to protect ourselves from the US Army Corps of Engineers, and how a levee can be a centerpiece of that protection.

We have spent many months soliciting informal input about this concept with the Harris County Flood Control District, Stephen Costello of the City of Houston, numerous engineering firms, and directors and legal counsel from the Willow Fork Drainage District (AECOM also works closely with WFDD on engineering projects and design). In choosing AECOM, we partner with a firm that is ranked #1 in Engineering News Record's "Top 500 Design Firms" for eight consecutive years and has been named one of Fortune magazine's "World's Most Admired Companies" for four consecutive years.

Once the study has been completed and reviewed this summer, we will be giving you the results and analyzing next steps in partnership with the community and other government entities. AECOM has 90 days to perform the study as you can read from the official Agreement for Professional Consulting Services, which I'm making available to you here on this website. I would draw your attention to Exhibit A at the end of the PDF where you can view the Project Overview, Scope of Work, Assumptions, and compensation matrix that the County and AECOM have agreed upon.

Precinct 3 HOA Meeting Recap

On Wednesday afternoon, Commissioner Meyers was joined by community representatives from around Precinct 3 to participate in his regular HOA meeting, today held at Hasta La Pasta in Katy.

Joining the meeting today was State Senator Lois Kolkhorst, who gave a series of updates regarding legislation passed in the 85th Texas Legislative Session (and subsequent special session). Senator Kolkhorst also spoke about the extremity of the challenges and recovery efforts that are happening throughout her 21 county senatorial district as a result of Hurricane Harvey. The Senator was kind enough to stay for the whole meeting and took one-on-one questions afterward, and we are very grateful for her attendance and participation today.

Commissioner Meyers and his staff presented a number of updates to the HOA representatives regarding mobility and drainage issues throughout the region, as well as some updates via TxDOT on ongoing and future road improvement and construction projects in Precinct 3.

Our thanks and appreciation to all of our outstanding HOA groups and representatives for continuing to work hard for the quality of our communities - we appreciate your participation today!

February 6 FBC Commissioners Court Recap

There was a packed house and a lengthy agenda this week at Fort Bend County Commissioners Court. The court took action on a bundle of essential decisions ranging from flooding block grant funding to 2017 mobility bond engineering selections.

The agenda's first public item was the Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery Program concerning infrastructure and housing applications for 2016 floods. One Richmond citizen stood to comment in favor of increased attention and funding for continued flooding problems from three years of historic floods.

Next, the Court moved into agendas for the county Drainage District, among other things: approving a historic site property tax exemption for the Darst Home in Richmond, a 10-year tax abatement for an economic redevelopment zone in Needville, and two additional equipment expenditures for drainage maintenance within the County.

The Court then completed consecutive agendas for several of the Fort Bend County Appraisal Districts. The purpose of these agendas were to outline the terms of the County's assistance in providing administrative support for the districts. Court also took actions to install community-requested solar-powered speed signs at locations within Cinco Ranch. These speed signs are funded through CAD funds generated from local sales and use taxes, instead of property taxes from the county's general fund.

As the Court returned to the full agenda, they approved specific items relevant to Precinct 3 constituents, including: a traffic control plan for Section 10 of Harvest Green subdivision, the reappointment of commissioners to the Board of Emergency Services District #1, and the administrative steps for the installation of solar-powered radar signs within the requested areas. The commissioners also approved several items for the Vanbrooke development north of the city of Fulshear along FM 359, including: thoroughfare plans, TxDOT participation in improvements to FM 359, and plats for subdivision roads and lots within the community.

Other noteworthy Court approved items elsewhere in the county merit inclusion for this report. In Precinct 4, Commissioner James Patterson made a special point to thank FBC Elections for their work in organizing an upcoming election of five directors for Levee Improvement District #7 in the New Territory community - an area where unbelievably destructive flooding erosion has already forced emergency repairs to the Jodie Stavinoha Bridge on the Grand Parkway. LID #7 faces further critical decisions regarding the future of their flood control system to protect property from the power of the Brazos River.

The Court also approved action for a Health & Human Services grant application to the State of Texas for the county's FY2019 Immunization Program and a Public Transportation grant application to the Federal Transit Administration for funds totaling $4,206,855 with $899,107 in local match funding, and $663,549 in transportation development credits in lieu of local match.

Finally, as is part of their regular fiduciary duties, the Court approved over two dozen purchasing items including several contracts related to the construction of Phase 2 of the FM 1093 / Westpark extension, and approved recommendations for the selections of the most highly qualified providers of engineering and surveying services for the 2017 Mobility Projects which voters passed overwhelmingly in last November's elections. The County will now enter into negotiations with these selected engineering and surveying firms to expedite construction of the voter-approved bond projects, so we can get our citizens moving!

Fort Bend Commissioners Court meets every 1st, 2nd, and 4th Tuesday of the month at 1:00pm in the historic Courthouse in Richmond, TX. All meetings are open to the public. The full agenda and video of the Court's meeting are available online from our county website. For any questions, please contact our office at 281-238-1400. The Precinct 3 Commissioners Office is located at the County Annex at 22333 Grand Corner Drive in Katy. This and more information about Precinct 3 can be found online -

January 23 FBC Commissioners Court Recap

The January 23rd regular meeting of Fort Bend County Commissioners Court held several items of note for Precinct 3. As many of you know, our County Commissioners also comprise the board of the Fort Bend Drainage District and the major item on our agenda yesterday afternoon was to approve a statement of qualifications to work on accelerating the desilting of Willow Fork of Buffalo Bayou in the vicinity of Fry Road, eastward into Barker Reservoir. Fort Bend County is providing LIDAR data and cross-section drainage reports to an outside vendor who will add a greater number of trucks and daily capacity to the desilting work.

Several other items were approved by the Court, all of which will address mobility needs for residents of Precinct 3. These include:

  • Acceptance of a 45 mph speed limit for Jordan Road between FM 359 north of Fulshear, and the Waller County line.
  • Authorization to purchase a small parcel of land for Phase 2 of the FM 1093/Westpark Extension west of Spring Green / FM 723.
  • Authorization to purchase three parcels of land for the expansion of Katy Flewellen Road.
  • Finalizing contractual obligations and deadlines for the construction of Cane Island Parkway, Phase 1 between FM 1463 and I-10.
  • Finalizing one of our last contracts for engineering services on the construction of Spring Green Roundabout near Crossover Road and Katy Flewellen.

The full agenda and video of the Court's meeting are available online from our county website.

As we undertake an extremely busy year in the county, let me say again that it is truly an honor to work to serve you. My staff and I are available to you at 281-238-1400 and our office is located at the County Annex at 22333 Grand Corner Drive in Katy. Much more information about our Precinct can be found on my website -

Moving forward in 2018, my staff and I will be issuing regular updates for our residents on the work of Fort Bend County Commissioners Court meetings. The Court meets every 1st, 2nd, and 4th Tuesday of the month at 1:00pm in the historic Courthouse in Richmond, TX. All meetings are open to the public.

Public Hearing on Proposed 2018 Tax Rate Reduction

Tonight Fort Bend County will hold a Public Hearing on the proposed 2018 tax rate for Fort Bend County & the Fort Bend County Drainage District. 

Wednesday September 13, 2017
5:30 PM
Fort Bend County Courthouse Commissioner's Court Room. 
301 Jackson St
Richmond, TX 77469
For more info visit:

To clarify misinformation that's floating around.Fort Bend County is lowering its combined tax rate by 0.5¢ to 46.9¢ for 2017/2018 Budget Year. Since Commissioner Meyers took office the county has reduced the tax rate from 66¢ to 46.9¢ a nearly 30% reduction in the tax rate, saving taxpayers about $1 billion in taxes over those years. No other local taxing jurisdiction has come close to that kind of tax rate reduction.

For most homeowners, County property taxes amount to about 15-16% of total property taxes. The increase in property taxes for homeowners is primarily due to school district taxes as a result of the state reducing its portion of school funding from about 60% to about 37%.

About 65% of the county's Budget Expenditures are mandated or required by state law. It would be impossible for the county to "drastically" reduce expenses, since a District County would simply direct the county to fund the expenditures for all other county offices and other required expenditures if Commissioners did "drastically" reduce expenditures.

The county does not value property for tax purposes, the Fort Bend Central Appraisal District, an independent entity that is not part of the county although it carries the name "Fort Bend" does. The Fort Bend Central Appraisal District is required by state law to value properties within 5% plus or minus of "Market Value". The valuations are routinely reviewed by the State Comptroller's office and if the values are less than 5% of "Market Value" as determined by the Comptroller, the state funding to school districts in the county is reduced.

Please note that tonight's public hearing will NOT cover Hurricane Harvey or its implications in Fort Bend County.

Two local Town Hall meetings will he held on Saturday September 23, 2017 for residents impacted by Harvey. County Officials will be joined by local/state agencies to discuss Fort Bend's short-term & long-term recovery from Hurricane Harvey.

Cinco Ranch Residents:
Saturday September 23
10AM - 12PM
@ Cinco Ranch HS Cafeteria/Commons
23440 Cinco Ranch Blvd, Katy, TX 77494

Fulshear/Simonton Residents:
Saturday September 23
@ Fulshear High School Auditorium. 
9302 Bois D'Arc Ln, Fulshear, TX 77441

To receive email updates related to Hurricane Harvey visit: