Funding More Law Enforcement ..

Funding additional law enforcement personnel in Fort Bend County Precinct 3 without the use of property taxes, and instead using sales tax revenue that would have gone to the City of Houston is an example of local government working for you.

Not every school day starts with removing alligators from the roadway, but CAD Deputy Watson was on the task this week!

Deputy Watson handling

Deputy Watson handling

One of the most consistent requests from the community is for more law enforcement personnel in our school zones to help with safety and traffic control in the morning and afternoon hours.

We've done exactly that in Precinct 3, using funds from sales taxes that otherwise would have gone far away to the City of Houston and paying for FIVE full-time positions in the Constable's office.

These are your tax dollars and Commissioner Meyers is proud that we're able to keep them here in our community working for you! Our CAD deputies have made a huge impact on the community and our overall safety and have greatly expanded the number of school campuses we can help serve every day.

A giant THANK YOU goes out to these hard working public servants for their efforts!