Fort Bend County's Operation Freedom

Fort Bend County’s Operation Freedom led to 64 human-trafficking related arrests in July.

A note from Commissioner Meyers…

Attending the recent press conference on Operation Freedom Fort Bend County was a sobering reminder of the vigilance we must all exercise with our young people and children in this age of technology and mobile devices. This operation resulted in 64 arrests last month between multiple law enforcement agencies including our Fort Bend County District Attorney Brian Middleton,  Fort Bend County Constable's Office, Precinct 3 and the FBI. Much of the activity was conducted through bars in our area. And the reports today from the investigators indicates that much of the "grooming" of victims is occurring inside our high schools and middle schools by other students.

Again, this activity is happening HERE IN FORT BEND COUNTY AND KATY. Five adult victims and two underage victims were recovered from trafficking during the operation. All of the arrests and cases have been referred to our Fort Bend County District Attorney's Office..

This is particularly disturbing to see and hear at a time when our children are returning to school. Several law enforcement officials today urged caution for all parents and guardians for their children's online activity and behavior on their cell phones and social media accounts. The activity in bars calls to mind the careful choices that parents must make when kids want to attend no-adults events such as the "Teen Night" events at local bars like Whiskey River where the pictures of minors are then used to promote the bar.

I will continue to advocate for the law enforcement community in their work to root out and end all human trafficking in our region. Through my work with Childproof and the partnerships that Fort Bend County maintains with the FBI and other law enforcement agencies - we won't quit until this scourge is stamped out.