2019 Fort Bend County Bond Referendum Update.


The following is a note from Commissioner Meyers regarding the upcoming 2019 Fort Bend County Facilities Bond.

Good news, the commissioners court bond workshop today came to a consensus, and I couldn't be more pleased about it.

The sole topic and chief priority of any 2019 Fort Bend County bond referendum will be FLOOD MITIGATION through the Fort Bend County Drainage District. And the total bond package will be a greatly reduced number of approximately $74.5 million dollars that covers the local match required to leverage $233 million in Flood projects primarily funded from Federal grants (FEMA, USDA, & FHWA). These projects were established to fund damages incurred during the 2015 Flood, the 2016 Floods, and Hurricane Harvey in 2017, as well as some ongoing projects under repair and maintenance by the drainage district.

Without going too deep into the procedural weeds, I now expect that the court will make a series of votes over the next two weeks to call for a November bond referendum to be placed on the ballot.

Again - there will NOT be a long list of facility projects for the November 2019 bond election. Unfortunately, there won't be a list of mobility projects either. But by getting the public on board and engaged in this process, we have successfully worked to prioritize our highest need.

I'm grateful that my fellow commissioners joined with me in this sentiment at today's workshop. Commissioner DeMerchant specifically referenced the citizens survey and input we received in Precinct 3 from our residents, as part of the decision making leading to this move that focuses the bond package squarely on our flood mitigation needs.

I'd like to personally recognize and call attention to the work of Commissioner Vincent Morales and Commissioner Ken R. DeMerchant, for what they have done to spearhead this effort through the last weeks and months. They have stayed very active and engaged with not only each other, but with the County Auditor Ed Sturdivant and the County Budget Officer Pamela Gubbels.

At today's workshop, it was evident how much they have all done to perfect the research and financial planning of this new bond proposal. It was good to hear the continuity in effort and commitment from KP George Fort Bend County Judge, pledging to continue our county's focus on flood prevention, just as previous County Judge Bob Hebert also directed the court while these '15/'16/'17 floods were occurring. Commissioner Grady Prestage was unable to join us in person today due to a family matter out of state, but he contributed to the meeting via FaceTime and made several suggestions that we will work to incorporate to the bond package in its final form.

More details will be finalized in the next two weeks - stay tuned.