Commissioner, George P. Bush of the Texas General Land Office (the state agency tasked with leading the disaster recovery housing mission after Hurricane Harvey) recently published an op-ed in Politico, talking about two important ways that our state and federal government can innovate for future disasters in the lessons learned from the aftermath and bureaucracy of Harvey.

Commissioner Meyers applauds Commissioner Bush for publicly identifying these policy recommendations and wholeheartedly agrees with his approach to be more inclusive of state and local government authorities who are able and ready to assist disaster victims. Federal changes to these regulations will allow Fort Bend County much greater speed and responsiveness if we are not shut out of the information sharing process.

The article states that there are two relatively easy steps federal leaders could take now to drastically improve the short-term disaster housing mission:

  1. Congress should amend the Stafford Act to remove the word “temporary” from the requirements, therefore allowing cost-effective, permanent resources to house displaced residents.

  2. FEMA should amend the application for assistance to allow people to voluntarily make their data available shareable with their state and local government authorities."

On the one-year anniversary after landfall, Commissioner Bush released a lessons-learned report, Hurricane Harvey: Texas at Risk, with policy recommendations for local, state and federal officials to improve the disaster recovery process.

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