Last Tuesday, July 2 Commissioner’s Court approved the placement of two solar powered speed signs on Falcon Landing Blvd near Northlight Lane. Commissioner Meyers priority is to partner with local MUDs and HOAs on various programs that benefit the community, and in this instance he partnered with MUD 185.

These signs are paid for without the use of property tax funds, with money that would otherwise be collected by, and spent in, the City of Houston. Commissioner Meyers is very proud of this program & believes it will slow drivers down and increases safety in the communities in which they are placed. We have even more locations coming online for speed sign placements in upcoming weeks and months across the community.

Commissioner Meyers like to thank Wes Noonan and the rest of the MUD 185 board for their partnership. Our MUDs a great asset to the community, and he is pleased that he can partner with so many of them to increase the safety, drainage, and mobility in Precinct 3.