A note from Commissioner Meyers:

I would write a longer recap about today's special workshop on the proposed bond referendum, but I think that Michelle Iracheta, the Houston Chronicle reporter who was in attendance, has said it all.


"Spent my morning at a Fort Bend County Commissioners Court Facilities Bond workshop where -no joke - several commissioners were visibly distraught over the topic of mobility in Pct. 3." https://twitter.com/cephira/status/1151942482512531456

"Commissioner Meyers was not backing down from the idea that his constituents wanted traffic problems solved now (not next year) and other commissioners were just not having it. Pictured above: Prestage rubbing his head repeatedly during the discussion." https://twitter.com/cephira/status/1151943362297159683

"He later told the commissioner, “You can’t have it both ways,” when Meyers said mobility and flood mitigation were bigger concerns than new facilities." https://twitter.com/cephira/status/1151943847590748160

I'm disappointed by how this process has broken down and am looking hard for ways to salvage it. It's not a joking matter to the taxpayers. I keep getting comments from the press and other county / city elected officials about how chaotic this process looks, and I can understand how it looks even worse to the taxpayers.

Precinct 3 remains the only office that has held public town hall meetings and public surveys to gauge taxpayers interest and gather input on this process. I shared the results to date with the Commissioners today, defending the right of Precinct 3 constituents to have their voices heard when challenged by the county judge.

The other commissioners offices have been unable to provide sufficient specifics up to this point. Precinct 4 is still lacking details and making changes. Precinct 1 commented that they will not have mobility projects identified until next year. Precinct 2 admitted that we are adding projects above and beyond. The County Judge has brought down the sticker shock of his initial estimate on the OEM building, but it is still high.

There was one big item of positive news that I can report from today, and it is a victory for the taxpayers. I reiterated the need to continue reducing the county's tax rate, and there appears to be a path forward for doing so this year in 2019. Our budget workshops take place next Thursday and Friday, and I will be working just as diligently next Thursday to identify ways to lower the tax rate, as I am doing with this bond referendum process.

There will be one more special workshop meeting of the commissioners court on August 1st to come up with a final bond referendum package. Much work remains to be done to sell this to the public, and to this particular county commissioner.