Yesterday was a historic day for the City of Fulshear, TX as they celebrated the 195th birthday of Fulshear!

On July 16, 1824, Mexico extended a land grant to Churchill Fulshear - one of the "Old 300" settlers under Stephen F. Austin. These early Texas visionaries would be amazed at how much this community has flourished and grown into a destination for families and business alike!

Fulshear City Council held two meetings, a Special Meeting for public hearings and discussion of future development & then their regular meeting where the Council considered action on a series of agreements that will set the stage for Fulshear's continued economic growth for decades to come.

Amazing things are happening for Fulshear! It has been Commissioner Meyers pleasure to partner with their council and community for so many years as they grow into the prosperous, bright future that awaits. Stay tuned for more announcements!

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image via: Covering Katy

image via: Covering Katy