The work to desilt the Buffalo Bayou inside of the Barker Reservoir continues to remove some 500 truck loads of material from the bayou every day. The operation out there is tremendous with the amount of manpower and tonnage that is being moved on a daily basis and Commissioner Meyers is GLAD for it.

Our bayou desilting project represents a very small fraction of the work that is ultimately being proposed by the Willow Fork Drainage District to deepen a portion of the Barker Reservoir nearest to the Canyon Gate and Grand Lakes subdivisions. We're somewhat of a test case for the WFDD, as they have proposed increasing the truck traffic many times over should that project be approved.

Two other items that we have been working on as the job continues:

1) the truck route through the bayou has been adjusted and re-adjusted and re-confirmed with the contractors and truck drivers to minimize disruption and keep trucks off of residential streets. There have been some times when the drivers have moved around from other jobs and gone off of their Google Maps or Waze routes, but several residents have alerted us when that happens here on Facebook and by phone / email. The contractors have been good partners and been responsive about having the large trucks follow the route Commissioner Meyers directed.

2) We've been working with FBC Road & Bridge to have our crews out there during the pre-dawn hours to keep constant repairs going on Cinco Park Road from the amount of truck traffic it receives. That road is seeing 1000% more traffic than it has ever had, and when all of the desilting work is completed our Road & Bridge crews will be doing a complete overhaul to make it better than new. We're blessed that it's there to provide a straight shot out for the material being hauled out!

A special word of thanks goes out to the homeowners who live nearest to the work and who have seen / heard / or smelled all of the truck traffic from all of the crews hard at work to prevent future flooding and restore the channel. Your patience and your understanding are appreciated by all our community!