We have heard from many of you regarding the intersection at FM369 and 90A and wanted to provide you with an update we received from our County Engineer and TxDOT.

The bridge that goes over the railroad tracks at 90A and FM 359 is now open & accessible to motorists, however the current arrangement causing delays is interim.

There are two key things that are real hindrances to traffic that will be eliminated with completion of the project.

1. Southbound FM359 is currently narrowed to one lane. Our county engineer speculated that the interim condition is due to the work that is needed to complete the right lane and adjoining area.

2. All westbound traffic (US90A from the Grand Parkway toward Richmond) is routed over the bridge. This is an interim condition while they construct westbound lanes. The construction of the at-grade lanes is the last remaining major piece of construction and will take some time to complete. The recent traffic swap allows the contractor to work freely on the ground, but they are just now able to start milling the old asphalt and begin excavation so that the new concrete roadway can be placed.

Rain does not help with either of these things, and we should see substantial improvements once these two items are completed.

Our County Engineer assured us he's working with the TxDOT engineer, and that they are monitoring things closely. He is going to continue communicating with TxDOT and we will keep you guys updated as we have information.