Commissioner Meyers Testifies at TxDOT Hearing in Austin

On Wednesday, Commissioner Meyers testified at a TxDOT hearing in Austin to speak in favor of a mobility planning study of road and rail connections between Brazoria and Fort Bend Counties. As Texas' population is projected to surge dramatically higher in the next 20 years, Commissioner Meyers and other area leaders are working now to prepare for the infrastructure needs of future generations, predicting that existing highways and freeways in the Houston area will be unable to handle additional loads of freight and trucks.

Yesterday, the TxDOT commissioners agreed with Commissioner Meyers and approved $600,000 of funding to perform an analysis of economics, environmental constraints, opportunities, potential alignments and preliminary costs.

Full video of Commissioner Meyers' testimony is available via the TxDOT website:

The Houston Chronicle's Dug Begley also covered this news: