Updates for Canyon Gate Subdivision

Hello everyone, Constable Thompson has done a great job keeping everyone updated as he has information. Wanted to pass along a few updates on accessing your home & evacuation orders. We are waiting for the official word from OEM on removing the mandatory evacuation order.

In the meantime our law enforcement agencies have made it possible for residents to access the area & their homes. They are planning to move barricades to remaining high water points & have been allowing larger vehicles to pass near Mason Rd.

If you plan on visiting your home today, please make sure to have your DL, or ID card or some sort of proof that says you live there incase you're asked.

We know some homes have reported broken windows & earlier our Constable reported that broken windows are likely to be caused by the force of the flood waters.

Areas in the neighborhood still have high water & our law enforcement has been escorting residents to their property since yesterday.

We wanted to post a few things to keep in mind as you go to check on your home.

  • Wear protective clothing & boots if you're going to be dealing with high water. The water all over the greater Houston area is a public health concern.
  • Do not turn on electrical appliances or AC units. (If you want your home to air out, open up windows.
  • If you smell gas, leave immediately & call 911.
  • Make sure you document your home/ property damage with pictures if possible.

Also wanted to post a quick update on FEMA. Yesterday in Commissioner's Court Judge Hebert broke down the process for FEMA & how the County, our state reps & congressmen are working on requesting waivers that would apply to your community. If you were declined, have questions or need help Congressman Pete Olson's office is 281-494-2690 or you can email his casework director at Joseph.d'eramo@mail.house.gov

We're here if you have any questions. You can contact me through NextDoor or emily.hodges@fortbendcountytx.gov