Yesterday evening, August 30th, the FBC Sheriff Troy Nehls requested that the FBC County Judge issue a mandatory evacuation order for Canyon Gate and surrounding neighborhoods in order to obtain greater authority to stop individuals from trying to access their flooded homes. The County Judge, as the Emergency Manager, issued the mandatory evacuation last night for all of Grand Lakes, and portions of Kelliwood, Cinco Ranch and adjacent neighborhoods.

Unfortunately, this covered areas that had not flooded and were not in imminent danger of flooding. We requested a modification of this mandatory evacuation zone which the County Judge's office subsequently made. At our Fort Bend Commissioner's Court emergency meeting at 1:00pm Today (Thursday), we requested a further modification to the mandatory evacuation zone which was also made.

At the 1:00 emergency meeting, the US Corps of Engineers representative explained that the Corps would continue releasing water from the Barker Reservoir which is slowly bringing the level of the water in the reservoir down. They explained that they would continue this process unless there was a mechanical failure of the release mechanisms/ equipment or excessive rainfall until the water level reaches below 95 feet. It is currently at 101.1 feet and slowly reducing.

At 6:00pm tonight, there was a further modification made that has moved even more residents and homes back into a VOLUNTARY EVACUATION zone. Those who our now under VOLUNTARY EVACUATION are now able to return to their homes.

You can find these maps online at http://fbcoem.org/new-mandatory-evacuation-for-barker-reservoir-area-communities/

For those who are still in their flooded homes or in a mandatory evacuation zone (where if you leave, you cannot return to your house). We are delivering supplies via boat during day-time hours. If this applies to you we ask that you contact our office with your NAME, NUMBER, and STREET ADDRESS at 281-238-1400.

We currently have a limited amount of supplies & could use donations of substantial food that doesn't need to be refrigerated: Like, bread (several dozen loaves) PB & J, powdered milk, waters, etc. We also need baby formula, but have plenty of diapers.

If you are able to help, please drop off the supplies to: The Fort Bend County Pct 3 Annex @ 22333 Grand Corner Dr. during day-light hours. You can call 281-238-1400 to make sure someone is there.