Tornadoes, Brazos River Evacuation Updates & Map + Saturday PM Update on Harvey

***UPDATE for residents of Richmond, Simonton & Rosenberg who live in low-lying areas of the Brazos River***

Residents of Simonton are under VOLUNTARY evacuation as of this afternoon. Residents of Richmond & Rosenberg the city has just issued MANDATORY evacuations for the areas that are listed in the attached images.

The locations that are listed in the two images attached to this post are now under mandatory evacuation which will go effect for Richmond at 12:00 PM tomorrow & went into effect for Rosenberg at 2:00PM today. If you or someone you know has a residence that is listed as part of these mandatory evacuations please get your things together and move to a safer area with your family and animals. The cities are asking that you NOT leave your animals behind.

If you have horses, the Fort Bend County Fairgrounds is prepared to receive them & ask that you contact them in advance at 281-642-3664

If you live in the affected areas & have any questions contact: - Richmond Emergency Operations Center: 281-232-6871. - Rosenberg Police Department Dispatch: 832-595-3300 - Simonton City Hall: 281-533-9809 - Unincorporated Fort Bend County contact 211 Please only call 911 if you have a life threatening emergency.

Also, the Red Cross has opened a shelter at Sacred Heart Catholic Church Family Life Center located at 507 South 4th Street in Richmond.

A voluntary evacuation is still in place for everyone else along not mentioned above who live in low-lying areas along the Brazos River. If you're not sure if that applies to you. Fort Bend County has created a searchable map for evacuations. At the top left corner, you can enter your address to see if you are in the area at risk for flooding. ***

UPDATE on what is now Tropical Storm (again) Harvey: As of Saturday evening, Tropical Storm Harvey is meandering around Victoria. Over the last several hours, Harvey has slightly drifted eastward. If this continues we are looking at Harvey's core causing more of a direct impact to us. What this means is that we would see more rain than previously expected for the western part of the greater Houston region (us).

If the rainfall tonight is less than expected, that will provide a little breathing room between the rains that are still forecast to hit us next week. HOWEVER, the NWS is expecting that we will see an intensification of the storm tonight which puts us at risk for flash flooding & will cause the Brazos River to rise quicker than expected. Rainfall totals in some areas will reach 8" overnight & tomorrow we are forecast to receive 6" to 10".

Currently Fort Bend County is under a Tropical Storm Warning, Flash Flood watch, and Tornado Watch (that has already become a warning). What this means.. STAY HOME. (unless you're along the Brazos and told to evacuate). The weather can change on a dime, and because tornadoes may develop with little to no warning as a storm system moves into the area it's important to stay off the roads & keep up with the news/radio for updates.

A few important reminders: - It is NEVER safe to drive or walk through high water. Walking through high water in our area puts you at risk for snakes, alligators (seriously) cuts & infections from unseen debris, electrical hazards, insect bites, and drowning. Even strong swimmers can be swept off their feet with just 6 inches of moving water.

Do NOT attempt to go around barricades. Even if the water doesn't appear to be high they have been placed there for a reason, and you are putting yourself & first responders who come and pull you out at risk.

Finally, if you see road hazards, high water & downed trees contact FBC sheriff dispatch at 281-341-4665.

We will post another update later tonight & keep you posted if anything changes between now and then.