On 10/11 Senator Cruz visited Fort Bend County Precinct 3...

On Wednesday, October 11 Commissioner Meyers, and Fort Bend County Judge Hebert had the opportunity to meet with Senator Ted Cruz & his staff about the wide-spread impact Hurricane Harvey has had on our residents, and the specific requests needed from Congress to insure a strong recovery here in Fort Bend County. 6,834 homes were impacted by Harvey throughout the county, with the majority of them right here in Precinct 3. Following our meeting, we were able to take Senator Cruz through some of our neighborhoods, and the Barker Reservoir.

Senator Cruz shared that he’s seen enormous support for Texas at the federal level & had bi-partisan support for recently passed legislation that provides targeted tax relief to those impacted by Harvey, Irma & Maria. The Cruz-Cornyn-Rubio tax relief bill provides additional tax deductions and waives penalties for withdrawals from tax-advantaged accounts for those in storm affected areas, allowing storm victims to keep more of their money as they work to rebuild. The bill also includes tax credits for small businesses that kept paying their employees, even if those employees were unable to come to work or the business was shut down, during the storms. Additionally, by lifting the usual limits on charitable giving, this bill allows more people nationwide to help Texans impacted by Harvey..

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit with Senator Cruz, and appreciate his care, concern & commitment to Fort Bend County.

Fort Bend County Judge  Hebert &  Commissioner Meyers  visit with  Senator Ted Cruz  before taking a tour of the areas impacted by Harvey. 

Fort Bend County Judge Hebert & Commissioner Meyers visit with Senator Ted Cruz before taking a tour of the areas impacted by Harvey.