Where are the Precinct 3 offices located?

At the Northeast corner of the Grand Parkway (SH 99) and the Westpark Tollway (FM 1093) at 22333 Grand Corner Drive, Katy, TX. Our building houses the Precinct 3 County Commissioner, Justice of the Peace, Constable, and also holds annex branch offices for the County Clerk, Health and Human Services, Tax Assessor-Collector, and office space for Fort Bend Sheriff’s deputies.

I received a court summons for Precinct 3. Where do I show up?

You will need to contact the Justice of the Peace to confirm the location of your summons. Please call 281-238-1460 for any information regarding courts, tickets, or scheduling a marriage ceremony.

I need a copy of my child’s birth certificate, where can I get that?

The County Clerk's office can provide you with a copy of the birth certificate here at their office inside the Precinct 3 annex.

I need to renew my vehicle registration. Where do I go?

The Tax Assessor-Collector's branch office in the Precinct 3 annex can help you renew your vehicle registration.

I need a marriage certificate, where can I get that?

Marriage certificates are obtained at the MAIN OFFICE of the County Clerk, at 301 Jackson St, Richmond, TX. Branch offices do not distribute these documents.

I believe that an intersection in my neighborhood needs a traffic control device (a stop sign or traffic signal). Can you help me?

Yes, please call the Commissioner's office at 281-238-1400 and provide us with the intersection. We will work with our county engineer to determine if the intersection warrants a traffic control device.

A traffic signal is out in my area. Who do we call to report it?

You can call the Commissioner's office at 281-238-1400 or the county engineer’s office at 281-633-7500

Who do I contact if I’d like a solar-powered speed notification sign placed in my neighborhood?

These requests must come to our office through your local HOA or Municipal Utility District. If they have any questions or are ready to take action, please have them contact the Commissioner's office to coordinate finalizing the request.

I have questions regarding local mobility projects. Who can I speak with?

We live in one of the fastest-growing areas in the United States, and on any day there are dozens of mobility construction projects occurring around Fort Bend County. Please contact the Commissioner's office at 281-238-1400 or the County Engineer's office at 281-633-7500 with any specific questions.

There have been a lot of accidents and speeders in my neighborhood. Can I get some extra traffic enforcement in my neighborhood?

These concerns and specific requests can be quickly and directly answered by contacting the Precinct 3 Constable's office at 281-238-1430 or the Sheriff's office at 281-341-4704. 

I would like more information regarding my taxes, who do I contact?

You can call the Commissioner's office for specific questions regarding your Fort Bend County taxes, or you can go to fbcad.org and find jurisdictional and rate information regarding all of the other taxing entities (ISD, MUD, LID, WCID, etc.)

When does Commissioner’s Court meet? Where can I find agendas?

Fort Bend County Commissioner's Court meets on the first, second, and fourth Tuesdays of the month at the Historic Courthouse in Richmond, TX. Meetings start at 1:00 PM. Court agendas and public notices can be found online at this link.

I would like to address the Commissioner’s Court, but how?

To speak before the Court, we advise that you arrive 10-15 minutes before the meeting to sign up to speak. There will be a public comment form that you can fill out and give to the County Clerk or her representative inside the Courtroom. Please remember that public comments before the court are limited to subject matters pertaining to the agenda.

I would like to invite one or all of my Precinct 3 elected officials to come speak at an event I’m hosting. How can I make this request?

All speaking requests should be made directly to the office of each elected official individually.


The Fort Bend County Road & Bridge Department handles road-maintenance and repairs for roads Fort Bend County has jurisdiction over. You can submit a request here, via email or contact 281-342-4513